September 03, 2010

Stormy, A Cat's Tale

I have a tail to tell;
The beginning of August I was required to be in Charles City Iowa,USA. for work at one of our great customers,CAMBREX. . I had scheduled myself to stay for two days 2-3rd of Aug at the Sleep-Inn on Grand Ave. It is a pet friendly,clean,well run and impeccable maintained hotel. We, (me, Kirsten and our cats have stayed there 4 of more times per year for years) and have enjoyed their hospitality and helpful services.
On, The 2nd day of working with my local supervisor, Larry Schmidt, we scheduled a split work day, so to work around CAMBREX's on going yearly shutdown refurbishments
Now to the TAIL or tale
I leave the SLEEP INN just before 3 pm to meet the crew. As I get into my truck I hear the extreme scream of a very young kitten in dire distress. If anyone has every heard that cry, they will know why my hair stood on end.. I drove over where the screams were coming from. To my horror it was from down a storm-sewer, next to where a vagabond tool-sales semi-truck had been parked the night before and we suspect threw the kitten down the drain.. I called out down the sewer and received the answering panic calls from a very young kitten.
I called my life partner, Kirsten in our hotel room to come down and help me. I also called Scott the hotel day manager for help. Scott called the fire dept which refused to help. I tried to get the city's animal warden to get involve but it was 5 min before quitting time and being part-time choose to not be involved.
Scott and I got the heavy round cover off of the storm sewer and to all three of our's shock, saw a 6 or 7 week old kitten at the bottom of the 8 foot deep sewer pipe. Scott could only find a ladder that was too wide to fit. Kirsten talked down the pipe and dropped cat food down the sewer to keep the kitten below her, hoping to keep it where we could see her. Desperate for help, we called the local newspaper,Charles City Press, who responded with a photographer and I called the city administrators office. I told the city administrator, Tom Brownlow, that I was was from out of town and that the newspaper suggested he as the best resource. I told him, I was having no luck getting help saving this kitten from any city department and could he intervene on our behalf. Thankfully Tom was able to get two public works employees and two police officers to respond. The public-works father and son team tried every trick they knew to get to the kitten but to no avail. The police lieutenant and fellow officer (car 4) removed covers further down the line but there was no possibility of human access. (way to small and deep). The police officer called one of the other officers to bring a catch stick to grab the kitten, but it was too short and frightened the kitten. The car 4 officer went for a live trap, but it was too big for such a confined area. Kirsten ,Scott and I, kept talking and feeding the starved trapped kitten. We had been trying for over 1 1/2 hours.
Thankfully, the Public-works team left a long rope for the police officer's live trap before leaving. but the trap was way too big. I went and grabbed a 5 gal (usa) plastic pail from my truck, Scott tied the rope to it, Kirsten put in cat treats and Scott lowered it down the hole and eased it over on it's side. The Kitten approached but would not go in.
Kirsten said she knew just the trick and ran and got a can of tuna (Neptune's cat magnet) dribbled some into the bottom of the pail and down it went again, over on it side and, more calling and inducing, but thankfully it was "tuna-time" and the kitten approached the pail. Kirsten and Scott called out to me as I held the rope:" her head is in, one foot ,two feet, tummy, back feet, and the tail is out of sight ,PULL PULL," I yanked the pail up and we had the kitten. (see photos). It was skin and bones and not much longer than my hand. Kirsten said she was going to adopt it but we could not take it with us for a week, since we were due in Omaha Nebraska, USA for the next 7 to 10 days. The police officer said he knew someone over at PAWS Humane society in Charles City and graciously took the kitten to PAWS with my business card attached.
Luckily the next day we were able to catch one of the volunteers, who was cleaning up after the many cats & dogs and we were able to photograph Stormy. Kirsten was able to spend some time holding and petting her new family member, before we left town for Omaha..
Poor Pat and Julie, we and others bombarded them with calls, when our contact person, Karen, became ill and did not return calls, trying to find out Stormy's status and arrange a pick-up day and time. Julie graciously called Kirsten and alleviated some of her concerns and tentative arrangements for Stormy's pick-up were set. Kirsten worried for the next 9 days and called worried over Stormy's health. Kirsten was quite concerned until we were able to drive back to pick up the kitten, that was by then named STORMY (saved from a storm-sewer) by Kirsten.
Pat and Julie who voluntarily administer and slave labor at Paws had cleaned, de-fleaed, vetted and provided food & medicine for the little girl's return to a stable condition.
Due to their kindness, we have been able to wed one more member to our family. We can not express our thanks enough for all their trials and tribulations on our behalf.
We have older cats and Stormy got a mixed reception
Tigger our very old cat is non-pulsed and has gone about his normal life style.,
Tristan (male) a 2 year old tiger stripe, checked her out and gave her the once over cleaning and now could care less.
Tweetie our torte, went ballistic and has been just beside herself ever since, YOU KNOW==> that the interloper had arrived in her domain., Only time will tell
I would appreciate if if you can spread the word of all the kindness about the people of Charles city for the saving of one little kitty's life and ask them to send a note of thanks to these kind souls from cat lovers around the world:::
Scott Cline and Roy Watson at SLEEP-INN 1416 Grand ave., Charles City Ia. 50616 for saving Stormy.If you are in northern Iowa please stay at this hotel.
Giles Bruce, staff writer Charles City Press 801 riverside dr., PO Box 397 Charles City, Ia. 50616 for page 2 story, photos, follow-up and intervention.
The Mayor James A. Erb for his choice of city administrator
The city administrator Tom Brownlow at for his intervention
The chief of police, for the all the great officers that responded
But a really big thank you to Pat and f Julie for being the kind and generous volunteers, they are!!!!.
They and their subordinate volunteers run a very compassionate, very under funded, no euthanasia, filled to the rafters with kindly treated future pets, in their animal shelter in Charles city, Iowa, at PAWS, P.O. box 651, Charles city Ia. 50616
If not for all these persons help the next rain storm would have been the death of this little kitten, STORMY, if she had not starved to death first.
Much thanks,


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Wow, what a story! We are so glad that you persevered on behalf of Stormy and were able to get such a response from folks there.

Everycat said...

What a great rescue story! You did so well to get through to people who could help and the people who helped you and also looked after Stormy were total stars!

I bet Stormy is really enjoying her life now

Whicky Wuudler

AFSS said...

What a lovely story. And I am betting that Tweetie and Stormy become best friends. Trust me I threw a huge hissy fit (for a solid month) when Artemisia came to live with us but I loves her bunches now. In fact we are hardly ever apart these days. ~Scylla

Anonymous said...

well done!

Hannah and Lucy said...

Thank you for saving this poor kitten's life. We are rescue kitties although not in such a precarious position!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

ABBY said...

A HUGE thank you for the compassion and effort you did for saving this precious little life. We also thank all of those wonderful people who also came to help. It shows the best of people and it also highlights the worst in people. THANK YOU again and we are so delighted Stormy has a fabulous forever and ever home.


Freya's Staff said...

This is such a lovely story, it warmed my heart. It's great to know that you saved a life from certain death.

LindaGJ said...

What a fascinating story! I am so glad that she was captured and now hopefully has a forever home. We get so many strays here in Houston and I know tons of people that are animal rescuers. People love animals in this neck of the woods. It's not always so easy to find homes for our precious little angels on earth, but know that we sure do try. I had a completely different plan after my 20 yr old passed away. This happened a while back, she was also my muse for a lot of my art work. I planned on getting 2 kittens eventually, but an elderly lady was moving into a home and her cat needed a home. I heard that this cat had been abused and given to one owner to the next and she was declawed and 9yrs old. Kinda Feral, still a bit skiddish, but we have fallen in love and she really loves me know and vice versa. We both needed each other. It was in God's hands. Not what I had in mind, but I am so grateful now. She's 12 now. And has to be an only child. I took the downsides of taking this kinda feral cat, just because she needed me. Yall never know how a cat will come to you or dog, for that matter. They are angels on earth and you will know when you see her or him and they will enrich your lives more than ever!
Linda GJ

Katie Raymer said...

Wow that was an inspiring story. I'm so glad you were able to save Stormy! I'm sure Stormy is equally pleased with this result and loving her new home!

Admiral Hestorb said...

Thank you so much for saving this sweet innocent;s life. Much love to you, your family and the pets who are fortunate enough to be with you.

Sue M. said...

PURRR-fect story! Thanks!