August 02, 2010

August 2010 Purrs List

Zoolatry's Poppy Vic is very sick and needs all the sweet kitty purrs and doggie grrrss he can get. Please post one (or two) of these badges on your bloggies and let's make a lot of noise for Poppy Vic.

Miri's first vet visit results are up now: Bronchitis. She is now on Clavamox and seems to be responding well so far. She tested mild positive for Leukemia. My heart is breaking...! ~Katiez Furry Mewz

Remember Moki? He's still around, having fun and making medical history.
You can catch up on his bloggie. Mom Crystal is having an auction for him on his Facebook Page. They really need green papers for his therapy and medical care, so if you can participate, it would be great. And please stop by and leave him a message. He's missed his friends!

Sending love and purrs to Anne for a speedy recovery! (Anne is Marilynn's daughter... Marilynn adopted Grace, Audace & Ruse).

Mom found a hard bump on the back of Sniffie's neck. She's trying to get an appointment for the V-E-T for Monday. Please send purrs and prayers that it is just a cyst or something benign. Mom is worried sick. ~The Florida Furkids for Sniffie and Mom Sharon 8/7

Heaven's newest Little Angel. Little Pinky from Pitter Pats of Baby Cats. Please stop over and leave your prayers for this poor little baby. He touched so many hearts in the short time he was among us. ~Pumpkin

Petie ( @PetietheCat & His Mama ) is holding steady, he is definitely a fighter. His mom thinks they have their PC issues resolved. ~KC

Our friend, Jack, is having some health problems and could really use some purrs and purrayers. Please stop by Lisa Lisa and the Cat Jam and and leave him some purrs. ~The Creek Cats

Jewel, a cat amputee, needs help paying her vet bill. This is a before photo. Her right front leg had to be amputated due to an injury. This link has a PayPal button for any who feel moved to help her. Purrs of gratitude! She is a rescue with United Animal Friends in Arizona. ~Debra H. Taylor, Homeless Cat Care

Boo ran off to the Bridge Monday morning, 8/2/2010. He will be very missed.


Leigh said...

Hi. I was just visiting and noticed you still had Rascal on your purrs list. Rascal lost his battle with feline lymphoma and on July 1st we helped him across the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you so much for the purrs and prayers. They are much appreciated and truly, this blog is a ministry. More than some folks would imagine.

Katie and Da Katz said...

We am all purring for folkses and kitties! and thanks so much for purrz fur Miri.

Sammy Curlyfur of Purrzalot
Toby Curlyfur of Purrzalot

Jake @ Cat Illnesses HQ said...

Aww these cats are so cute. I hope they get better. They will be in my prayers.