October 18, 2009

October 2009 Purrs List

Little CatZee went missing on August 25th and has not been seen since. Please keep purring for her to come home. She is very missed in the Cat Blogosphere.

  • Floyd went to the Bridge today. 10/31/2009
  • Kimiko went to the Bridge today. 10/24
  • BG went to the Bridge. 10/25
  • Private went to the Bridge after a sudden illness.10/25
  • Pickles went to the Bridge 10/17/2009.
  • Tabbygail (Catster Page) had to be helped to the Bridge last night. 10/17/2009 (she doesn't have a blog, so we made her a post here)
  • Sassy has been MIA since May. Her blog is being retired tomorrow, 10/15.
  • Beezer went to the Bridge 10/23/2009.
  • Sam & Mr. Tigger escaped. Samantha has returned. We are purring and purraying very hard for Mr. Tigger to come home and giving thanks for Samantha returning. 10/12
  • Jake went to the bridge 10/4/2009. He will be missed.
  • The Awesome DudeCat Max’s Woman had her gallbladder removed. Could everyone stop by to send a purr? ~Monty Q 10/4
  • Mark (Adventures of Tanjiro, Ushi-Swirl & Vliadimir) had a bicycle accident and is quite banged up. He could use our well wishes and purrayers. ~Chris 10/4
  • Mittens Pollypaws is very ill. 10/2
  • Harmon has cancer. 9/30
  • Please send lots of love and purrs to Piggy. 9/30

Please leave purr & purrayer requests in the comments.

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